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The awards that Sams' Racing Room have won are shown below.  I'd like to thank everyone for the awards I've recieved. Click on the awards below to vist their sites. If you would like to win my Killer Bee Fan Site Award, please feel free to apply for it.

Sams' Racing Room gives the Killer Bee Fan Site Award to websites that meet this criteria:
1)your site pays tribute to your favorite driver(s) in any racing series
2)can have news, pictures, stats, jokes, anything not too far whacked out goes
3)any driver is alright BUT I will not give this award if you have posted derogatory things about Kurt or Greg!
4)have my award linked back to my site
5)email me your url link with the subject  line saying "Killer Bee Award"
6)signing my guest book wouldn't hurt either 

Received this Golden Web Award below  on 5/15/02


Won this award on 1/10/04 Thanks Dave!

Received this award on 12/31/02

Thanks so much to Dave and Stacie for this award!


Received this award 1/16/03

My Dale Jr Fan Site Award

Thanks so much for this Outlaw Award!  I won this award on 9/1/03