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Diehard Fans and Their Pictures!

The model for these pictures is my 6 year old grand-daughter Tuff!  She loves racing and she reallyyyyyyyyyyy likes Kurt Busch!

Tire off of Carl Edwards #63 Ford truck, 2002 Texas race! (Carl ran a limited schedule in 02)

Carl Edwards tire off the #63 Ford, from the 2002 Texas truck race!

#17 door number ready to be put on Ricky Hendricks Craftsman Truck

Sams' Town 250 10/31/99 Attwood sheet-metal signed! Started 4th Finished 30th

Piece of sheet-metal off of Randy Tolsma's the #25 Marines sponsored Busch Series car!

Greg Biffle sheet-metal, off his 2002 Busch Series car!

Doesn't Tuff do a great job showing you that signed Kyle Busch tire!

I got this tire from the 2002 ASA race at Odessa, MO Kyle Busch signed it for me after the race!

Jon Woods tire from 2002, his rookie year in the Truck Series Jon signed this tire!

A-Frame from Stuarts #34 Busch Series car wrecked at Texas . The A-Frame is signed by Stuart